A Vitamix is a high-performance machine that can blend the toughest ingredients. Thanks to our user-friendly design, we give you the power to precisely control your machine’s speeds for the perfect blend every time.

Depending on the model, it may have Variable Speed or Program Speed. Here’s everything you need to know about the two types of controls.

Vitamix Variable Speed

Our unique Variable Speed Dial enables the Vitamix machine to perform dozens of kitchen tasks without attachments by letting you control the speed of the blades. Gone are the days of low, medium and high—you can manually control your machine’s speeds from level 1 to 10 and everywhere in between. You can use it to chop, grind, whip, blend, heat, stir, purée, prepare frozen desserts, and so much more.

The Pulse function available on select models offers greater control of your blend with the ability easily turn your machine on and off again with the flick of a switch or press of a button. Sometimes it takes only a few pulses to get the perfect texture you desire.

Vitamix Program Speed

A Vitamix with Program Speed offers convenient preset programs that are designed to perfectly blend many common types of recipe you can make in your machine. Our team designed these preset programs to take the guesswork out of blending—simply push a button and the Vitamix will do the work for you.

For example, select the smoothie setting and watch your Vitamix start slow to suck the ingredients into the stainless steel blades before speeding up to full speed to blend a smoothie with the perfect texture. Or select hot soup and your Vitamix will gradually speed up to full speed for the amount of time needed to create a steaming hot soup.

Depending on your machine, there may be up to five presets in addition to Variable Speed control.

Which Vitamix is right for you? Check out our full line of blenders to find the perfect machine for your home.