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Dream. Play. Create. We’re here to back you up, and remind you why you got into this business in the first place. Maybe you’re just starting out. Maybe you’ve been doing this for years. Either way, you only want the best in your kitchen, behind your counter, and for your customers. You won’t accept anything less—not from yourself, and not from the equipment you count on, every day, to perform. That’s why more professional chefs trust Vitamix. They know it’s not just a blender; it’s an essential part of their success.

I equip all my restaurants now with as many Vitamix [blenders] as possible.

Rocco Whalen, Chef, Fahrenheit

In the Kitchen with Rocco Whalen

Go behind the scenes of Chef Rocco Whalen’s celebrated restaurant Fahrenheit to see what makes his kitchen work.


Good Service is Always On-Trend

Whether you want a beer or a carefully crafted cocktail, Andrew Volk’s Portland Hunt + Alpine Club is where Portland goes for a good time.

We Speak Your Language

Some of the nation’s largest chains rely on our team of blending and culinary experts to craft their future menu development. From playing with the latest ingredient trends to fine-tuning the perfect blending speeds, our corporate chefs tie on their aprons every day to keep discovering something new.

Get Inspired

See how StarChefs’ Rising Stars are using their Vitamix machines to innovate in their kitchens.

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Vitamix Power

Power to Dream

We carefully harness the horsepower of every machine to deliver precise blends and a perfect pour.

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Improve speed of service with intuitive controls and more efficient blends.