The holiday season isn't complete without cookies. Whether you bake a batch as a dessert for a holiday meal or an occasional treat during the cold winter months, cookies are an essential and delicious part of the holidays.

And what better way to celebrate the cookie baking season than with National Cookie Day, which is celebrated every year on December 4th.

If you're like most people, you have a few tried-and-true cookie recipes in your repertoire. This might be a family recipe that was passed down for generations or one you crafted on your own and perfected over many years, and are confident the result is a consistent crowd pleaser.

For this year's National Cookie day, you can rest on your laurels and play it safe by baking one of your staple cookies. Or you can step outside of the box, and mix it up with a new recipe that is sure to shock the taste buds of your closest family and friends with unique, exciting and festive flavors.

Maybe you want a lighter and extra moist sugar cookie that uses Greek yogurt as an ingredient. Or maybe you want to satisfy both taste and sight with delicious and eye-catching snowballs. The possibilities are endless, especially with these Vitamix-approved cookie recipes that will help you celebrate National Cookie Day in style.


A holiday meal is not complete without these ginger-spiced treats that are sure to become a yearly tradition.

Peanut Blossom Cookies

The perfect peanut butter cookie, dusted with sugar, sealed with a kiss, and a crowd-pleasing holiday classic.

Thumbprint Cookies

Find your favorite filling, like the Fig Jam and whip up a batch of these holiday favorites.

Soft Sugar Cookies

A unique and lighter twist on an old standby.

Shortbread Cookies

Another classic holiday cookie that requires only four ingredients and is sure to please.

Snickerdoodle Cookies

These beloved cookies shine with cinnamon, sugar and vanilla.


Turn your kitchen into a winter wonderland and roll up some fun with these festive treats.

Minty Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Satisfy your candy cane and chocolate cravings with this warm cookie sandwich that pairs perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate.