There are plenty of tips out there for the holiday party host, but what about for guests? Is fashionably late expected, or rude? Should you dress casual or formal? Can you bring a date?

While those may always be some of life’s unanswered questions, Vitamix can help guests create the perfect side dish, prepare the tastiest desserts and concoct the most interesting DIY gifts for the host—the perfect distraction from your late arrival, torn jeans or rowdy plus one.

With the versatility of these high-powered blenders, there’s nothing you can’t do … or make.

Instagram-worthy Food

If it’s not on “the gram” did it even happen? Picturesque appetizers and sides will excite guests (and their followers). These vibrant Beet Pickled Deviled Eggs are everything, and these Chickpea Fries add some extra flavor to a favorite finger food. Stunning sides include the Autumn Toasted Pita and Kale Salad and Charred Brussels Sprouts. Pair dishes with these Sweet Potato Biscuits for a meal with all the feels.

Keep Your Eye on the Pie

Who doesn’t love pie during the holidays? Vitamix can help guests create a flawless, flaky pie crust, the smoothest filling and the fluffiest whipped cream for a make-and-take dessert that’s decadent, delicious and even somewhat healthy. Check out this Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Pie and homemade Whipped Cream. Looking to bring something truly original? This Gingerbread Cream Pie ought to do the trick.

Don’t Buy … DIY

For pet lovers, self-care seekers, foodies, grill masters, and more, a homemade gift is the perfect, personal touch. Blended in minutes in a Vitamix machine, Lavender Sea Salt Scrub, Coffee Sugar Exfoliating Scrub and Vanilla Body Butter provide a spa-like indulgence  without the hefty price tag. Foodies who call the kitchen (or grill) their domain will love to kick it up a notch with these homemade recipes: Dukkah Spice Rub and Christmas Chili Oil. Hosts with pets will especially love if you bring a gift for their furry friend. This Simple Dog Biscuit will keep Fido busy while you’re enjoying your second slice of pie.

Oh, and one more way a Vitamix machine can amp up your holidays: Vitamix blenders, containers and accessories make great Christmas gifts. 

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