Bonding Around the Vitamix

By: Terri Lankster

Vitamix has actually brought my family a bit closer. Normally, I would cook dinner and serve it, as many other families. Now everyone asks what I am making because they want to see what new thing is being concocted in the Vitamix.

Equally as important, prior to getting our Vitamix, our fruit bowl would be full, yet we would pass right by and eventually have to toss the rotten fruit. We all love fruits and veggies but due to our hectic schedules, we did not get enough of them. Now the Vitamix hums and the family comes running to try out whatever new concoction is being created.

We eat more spinach, wheat grass, carrots, celery, acai and other nutritious foods than ever before. In fact, I would say that we have eaten more in the past few months than probably the past few years combined.

One of the most profound things is that while in the past I was always looking at the grocery ads for the best deal on the 12 pack of sodas or ice cream, now I find myself looking at the best deals on produce!

What a difference! From the soups, to the smoothies, to the desserts…Thank you, Vitamix, for making my family bond around the Vitamix like we use to around the table! Here’s to healthy and delicious eating!

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