When you're constantly on the go it can be hard to find time to make consciously healthy decisions about your daily eating habits. But, no matter how rushed you feel between home, family and work life, it's vital to make nutritionally smart decisions to keep your body healthy and your mind active.

Some of my favourite recipes are those that I can whip up in a hurry and take with me on the road – whether I'm out for a long day of training or in the television studio for an early morning start.

Here are my top five tips for eating healthy when your life is busy:

  1. Avoid foods and drinks that are high G.I.

    Foods that are high on the glycaemic index (G.I.) will spike your blood glucose and cause a rapid insulin response that can be problematic to your health in the long term. Many processed foods and packaged fruit juices have higher G.I. levels because of the sugar content. I suggest you avoid these and try to pack in as many wholefoods as possible.

  2. Increase your fibre intake

    If you love a smoothie, opt for those that are high in fibre, which will keep you feeling fuller for longer, as well as drinks containing natural fats to buffer the blood-glucose response.

  3. Smoothies are always a good option

    When you're time poor, blending a smoothie is an amazing way to boost your nutrient intake for the day. Pack your drink full of nutrient-rich foods such as: spirulina, chia seeds, cacao, coconut oil, egg, maca, chlorella, bee pollen, walnuts or buckwheat kernels to put a spring in your step.

  4. Prepare healthy snacks ahead of time

    Make healthy treats such as nut butters with super foods such as coconut oil, macadamia butter, Manuka honey and shredded coconut, and keep them in the fridge or freezer. Cut up some celery and carrot battons ahead of time and grab your nut butter as you head out the door before school, work or the gym. Packed full of natural fats they'll also keep you feeling fuller for longer.

  5. Make your coffee healthier

    Busy people often drink a lot of coffee to get through the day. Try combining your daily hit of caffeine with some medium chain triglycerides (like coconut oil and butter). Add one teaspoon to your hot coffee in place of milk and whisk it up to make a beautiful creamy, nutrient-rich coffee.