Originating in Switzerland in the 18th century, fondue was a creative way for remote villagers to improve the taste of their aged breads and cheeses through the long winter months. Though we now have the luxury of the freshest ingredients, fondue still brings people together for a warm, communal meal as it did centuries ago. Enjoy these tasty recipes, and check out proper etiquette to avoid fondue faux pas.

Traditional Cheese Fondue, made with dry white wine, would have been served with French bread cubes, but you can also try it with different breads or cooked vegetables, like asparagus spears and mushroom caps. For a slight departure from the traditional, try Spinach and Artichoke Fondue or Cheese and Whiskey Fondue.


Once you have dipped your dinner, dip your dessert. Vitamix offers a variety of dessert fondues, like Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fondue or White Chocolate “Cheesecake” Fondue, blending chocolate with a combination of fruit purée, liquor, and/or heavy cream that’s perfect for dipping fruit slices, pound or sponge cake, pretzels, marshmallows, or the latest taste trend—anything wrapped in bacon.

Fondue is meant to be a fun, relaxed, intimate way to share a meal with loved ones, so don’t take yourself too seriously. But be careful not to drop your food in the fondue! Tradition dictates that the unfortunate person who loses his/her food has to buy a round of drinks or the next pot of fondue.