An Ideal Back-of-House Experience

Immersion blending in the back of house can be difficult, especially if the machine is unwieldy.

But it shouldn’t be that way. Immersion blending should be efficient and comfortable. You should be getting a lot of work done quickly, without too much strain.

So, here is some good news: The new Immersi-Prep™ 14 by Vitamix® Commercial is a mid-capacity, lightweight machine that is provides a smooth, easy experience. With accessible control buttons and an array of handholds, it’s very simple to operate. What’s more, it’s faster and produces blends that are more consistent throughout.

Being a chef is one of the more physically demanding jobs that a creative person can pursue. So, as we were preparing to enter the immersion blending market for the first time, we asked ourselves how we could make this type of blending easier.

Two things turned up:

  • Better ergonomics
  • Faster blending, with superior results

Better Ergonomics

In the mid-capacity category (blending up to 17 gallons), there is a daunting array of tasks that the immersion blender could be used for, some with the container or contents on the stove, on a table, or on the floor.

How do you design the handholds and controls so they are always comfortable? Our idea, embodied in the Immersi-Prep 14, was to provide multiple hand positions:

  • A trigger grip from the side
  • A T-grip from the top
  • An additional hand-hold to the side of the motor base
  • A shaft that invites an extra handhold below the motor base

In other words, we tried to provide an array of options so both hands could find comfortable holds on the machine, whatever the blending setup. Or, the Immersi-Prep Pot Clip (sold separately) will securely mount the machine on different pot sizes, easing your workload.

The main on/off switch for the Immersi-Prep 14 is located at the trigger finger. In addition, there are two buttons on the top of the machine, one for speed control (which is illuminated) and the other for continuous run. Continuous run enables you to focus on the blending task rather than holding the on/off switch, but as a safety measure, we set up all three buttons so a single touch to any one of them would turn off the continuous run.

Watch Steve Hosey, Blending Solutions Manager at Vitamix, walk through the basic features of the machine, including the control buttons and grip points.

Faster Blending

If blending is faster, it means less strain on the chef. The Immersi-Prep 14 is not only faster. It also produces a more consistent blend.

It contains a 2.3 HP motor, the largest and most capable on the market. Many components in the Immersi-Prep 14, including the motor, are borrowed from our high-performing commercial blenders so you can expect the same level of power, long-lasting performance and reliability.

Another reason the Immersi-Prep 14 produces fast, smooth blends is the bell guard, the stainless-steel component that surrounds the blades. It is contoured in such a way that it can function as a mini container, thoroughly processing a small quantity of ingredients before cycling through the next batch.

The Immersi-Prep 14 is an agile, powerful tool that produces fast results for all your back- of-house tasks, such as making dressings, batters, soups, gravy, sauces, desserts and more.

Watch how the Immersi-Prep 14 processes 3.5 gallons of semi-smooth salsa in under 60 seconds, powering through tomatillos, jalapenos, onions, lime and cilantro. Or see how it processes 15 gallons of red pepper soup, from raw ingredients to smooth consistency in under four minutes.

Efficient Whipping

The Immersi-Prep’s double-headed Whisk Attachment, sold separately, is quick at producing whipped potatoes, whipped creams, whipped butter, whipped deserts and more.

In his whipped potatoes video, Steve uses the low speed settings to mix the ingredients, then leverages the high-speed setting to refine the texture. Even with the skin on the potatoes, the Immersi-Prep finishes 60 pounds of whipped potatoes 3.5 minutes.

Empower Yourself and Your Team

With the Immersi-Prep 14, you will speed up and improve your results. And, with its enhanced ergonomic features and light weight, you can be comfortable while you’re getting more done than ever. Finally, you can depend on the Immersi-Prep 14 because Vitamix quality runs all the way through it. It’s a workhorse that will perform reliably over a long service life, just like other Vitamix machines.