Create unforgettable moments with your family this Christmas, in the kitchen! Now, with Vitamix® it is easier to make the traditional turkey, so much that you will have spare time to make dessert or have fun with a board game.

Here are some tips for your dinner:

  • Choose the cooking the method: we usually use the oven, but why not try roasting or grilling.
  • Cook the breast and the stuffing at 165°F
  • After baking, save the turkey juice and put it in the refrigerator, when cold it will separate into two layers, remove the top layer which is the fat and use the bottom part to make your gravy.
  • With Vitamix® you can make gravies or sauces in less than half an hour, using the juice saved from the turkey for a gravy or cranberry or orange juice to make a sauce.
  • If you want to experiment a little further we recommend making a ginger and beet puree, it is delicious with the strong flavor of smoked turkey.

Enjoy time with you family with VITAMIX®