Vitamix® Introduces a Food Processor Attachment, Upending the Convention of Heavy, Stand-Alone Units

The Vitamix® 12-Cup Food Processor Attachment Brings More Precision and Versatility to Food Prep 02.08.2022

CLEVELAND, Sept. 4, 2020 -- Vitamix® users are accustomed to the convenience of using multiple attachments on their Vitamix motor base as they move effortlessly from one step to the next during healthy meal preparation. Now, Vitamix is introducing a new attachment, the 12-Cup Food Processor Attachment, that performs all the precision slicing, chopping and processing of a premium, stand-alone food processor.

The Food Processor Attachment with SELF-DETECT® technology fits on the motor base of Vitamix Ascent®/Venturist® machines. The motor base wirelessly connects to the food processor – and all other Vitamix Smart System attachments and accessories – making any necessary power adjustments. The user does not need to do anything.

The Food Processor Attachment provides many improvements over conventional food processors, making it easier to use, assemble, disassemble, clean and store. That means more time and opportunity to create healthy, whole-food dishes.

In addition, this new take on an essential kitchen tool introduces extreme precision, with very sharp blades for chopping, shredding and mincing garlic, onion or carrots, even in very small quantities. Fragile ingredients are sliced consistently, dough and peanut butter are processed effortlessly, and partially frozen meats are ground cleanly.

"This is a versatile tool that raises the quality of my work across the board. I can cut full, consistent slices of tomato or super thin slices of cucumber. It also excels at processing and emulsifying flavorful sauces and pastes," said Adam Wilson, Manager of Culinary Exploration for Vitamix. "The Food Processor Attachment simply allows me to do more – and with confidence."

Food processors are very useful in preparing whole foods, but they are among the least-used kitchen tools. Most households use theirs a few times per month or less, according to Vitamix® research. Between the base, attachments and storage containers for blades and discs, they are heavy and require lots of space, which is why they are usually stored away from the main kitchen work area in a basement, closet or pantry.

By contrast, many Vitamix users proudly keep their motor base on the countertop. The Food Processor Attachment, therefore, is simply an additional, lightweight accessory with a small footprint.

Storage is easy with the attachment's progressive design. All the parts nest inside one another, forming one compact unit that can be tucked into a kitchen cabinet or pantry and easily pulled out for regular use.

And, assembly is a pleasure, with the design's snap and stack approach. There are minimal parts and no twistlock, a common but awkward mechanism on conventional food processors. Instead, audible clicks indicate that the parts are assembled correctly. Yes, assembly is literally a snap!

By pairing the Food Processor Attachment with a Vitamix Ascent®/Venturist® motor base, the home cook will have a full spectrum of options conveniently available, so they can process anything from vegetables and other dry ingredients to liquids with extreme precision and power.

The Vitamix 12-Cup Food Processor Attachment with SELF-DETECT® technology comes with a three-year warranty on all parts. Most parts are dishwasher safe. It is available at for $199.95. The motor base must be purchased separately.

The Vitamix App is not compatible with the Food Processor Attachment.

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