Frozen beer cocktails offer a fresh and fascinating new taste for your patrons to enjoy during the big game or at the end of a long, hot summer day. The best frozen beer cocktails take each beer's individual flavor profile into account, matching it with the fruit, liqueur or other ingredients that complement it in the most satisfying way.

Beer Freezing Basics

Unlike gin or vodka, beer can easily be frozen. This is often done as part of the brewing process, such as the eisbock method used by German brewers to concentrate the flavors in the beer. In America, these beers are often sold with the words "ice beer" on the label. Beer freezes at a lower temperature than water does, and this also varies between types. A general rule of thumb to follow is that the higher the alcohol content, the lower the temperature needed to freeze the beer.

Cool and Classic

Many beer brands are served with fruit, such as the wedge of lime topping off a Mexican pilsner or the crisp orange slice traditionally served with a hefeweizen.

Take this idea up another notch by using your Vitamix machine to blend frozen beer and frozen, house-made margarita mix. Add a dash of tequila or orange liqueur to your “hefeweizen margarita” for an extra kick.

Fresh and Fruity

Citrus isn't the only fruit that goes well in a frozen beer cocktail. Adding a similar or complementary fruit to flavored ales can take them to a whole other level. Frozen blueberries, raspberries or strawberries add a refreshing touch and a hint of sweetness to frozen beer or ale. Amp up a standard beer cocktail by using your Vitamix blender to create a mixture of frozen beer and berries, then add hazelnut or almond flavored liqueur to temper the sweetness and give a rich, nutty note to your drink.

Exotic and Elegant

Frozen beer cocktails aren't limited to domestic beers or flavored ales. Start with a basic Guinness float recipe, and give it a luscious, velvety texture by blending in add-ins like ginger, or salted caramel ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate liqueur to create your own richly decadent signature drink.