No fruit says autumn like a ripe, sweet apple. When you prepare an apple recipe, think about which apple variety is best suited for the dish.

For cold foods like Apple Pie Ice Cream, flavors need to be stronger, so choose Braeburn, Gala, or Jonagold for sweetness. Braeburn is also a classic choice for Raw Applesauce. If you like your Apple Salsa crunchy and tart, choose Granny Smith, Gingergold, and Honey Crisp, in descending order of tartness. If you prefer a milder flavor, Gala and Fuji are crisp, sweet varieties.

Since crispness doesn’t matter for Apple Juice, you can choose your apples based on taste alone. Experiment with different varieties, combining tart and sweet until you find the flavor that suits you best. .

Try making any of these recipes with your apple-picking leftovers.