9 Quick & Tasty Asian Sauces Made with Vitamix

Whether you’re looking for a marinade, dressing, or something mouth-watering to dip your favourite savory treats into, these recipes have it all. Low on time? No problem! With your Vitamix High-Performance Blender, all 9 of these Asian-inspired sauces can be blended up in 10 minutes or less. Let's get blending!

Recipes featured below can be found at veganbowls.com


Sesame Dressing

Turn even the simplest salads into mouth-watering masterpieces with this super simple 5-ingredient Sesame Dressing!

This light but creamy dressing is perfect drizzled over salads, or enjoyed as a dipping sauce for your fave Asian-style veggies and tofu. Simply toss all ingredients in your Vitamix blender, and in 30-seconds, you've created your new go-to sauce!


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Satay Sauce

Ginger, Peanut Sauce, and just the right amount of Thai Chili heat makes this plant-based Satay Sauce a crowd favourite!

No need to worry about clumps and bumps! Simply blend ingredients in your Vitamix High-Performance Blender and enjoy your creamy-dreamy sauce with veggie samosas, tofu, or lightly roasted veggies like zucchini and carrots.


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Asian Buffalo Sauce

Welcome a bit of plant-based sunshine to your table with this light and flavourful Asian Buffalo Sauce. With a touch of ginger and the perfect amount of citrus zest, you'll feel your day getting brighter with each and every bite

Looking for a bit of extra heat? Add a couple drops of your favorite hot sauce for a more traditional take on a spicy Buffalo Sauce!


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Sambal Paste

If this gorgeous colour doesn't get you, the mouth-watering aroma and heart-warming chili spice sure will! This bright paste is a plant-based all-rounder! Add to curries, noodle and rice dishes, and even your favourite sauces for a little extra spice kick!.

Creating that perfect thick paste texture is easy with the help of your Vitamix High-Performance Blender! Simply add ingredients to your Vitamix 600ml container in the order listed and increase your blending speed until desire constancy is reached.


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Sweet Chili Sauce

Freshen up your meals with this drool-worthy Sweet Chili Sauce. With just the right amount of spice and a crave-worthy sweetness from pitted dates and pineapple, this recipe is sure to satisy both your sweet and savory side

Liquify all ingredients by slowly increasing the speed on your Vitamix High-Performance Blender. Pour into a shallow serving dish and start dipping your favorite veggie curry samosas, or lather over tofu!

Just don't forget to make extra - you're sure to be running back for more!


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Teriyaki Sauce

When it comes to a flavour-filled marinade, nothing quite compares to that smokey rich taste of Teriyaki Sauce.

This sauce recipe is made quick and easy with your Vitamix High-Performance Blender. Once all ingredients are nicely combined, this Teriyaki Sauce is ready to help bring out the full flavours of your dishes!

We love adding ours to portabello mushrooms, tofu, and stir frys!


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Ponzu Sauce

Ponzu Sauce is a citrus-based sauce and perfect for bringing tangy flavour to your Asian-inspired dishes like Vegan Sushi!.

With an already watery consistency, a low level is all you need on your Vitamix Blender to create this flavourful sauce!


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Dumpling Dipping Sauce

A good dumpling sauce makes all the difference. Lucky for us, this recipe doesn't disappoint!

With the healthy boosting (and flavour enhancing) powers of Miso and ginger, this dipping sauce will have you soaking up every last drop.

And the best part? With your Vitamix High-Performance Blender, whipping up this mouth-watering sauce is quick, easy, and will have you dipping in no time!


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Creamy Cilantro-Garlic Dressing

This Creamy Cilantro-Garlic Dressing has a plant-based protein boost and is sure to make your taste buds sing! The secret ingredient? Tofu!

Not only does tofu add a nutritious benefit to this tasty dressing, it also creates an ultra-creamy consistency!

But don't just take our word for it - grab those Vitamix Blenders, add these nourishing ingredients, and start blending! ( Don't forget to use your tamper to make sure your creamy dressing is lump free!)


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