Motherhood is a full-time job with responsibilities that range from caretaker to home chef, which is why Mother’s Day is hardly enough time to thank the mums in our lives for everything they do. Making the day memorable is certainly a good start, and there are plenty of ways to do just that. For instance, assemble an assortment of homemade dishes and beverages for a celebratory brunch.

With a hint of vanilla and some added pineapple, a fresh pitcher of Orange Juice Plus goes above and beyond orange juice of the commercial variety. A Bellini or Sparkling Champagne Smoothie is a refreshingly delicious way to incorporate a champagne toast into your day.

Any of the following recipes makes a great addition to your brunch spread:

  1. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread: Offer toast, fruit, or crepes to accompany this creamy mix of chocolate and hazelnuts.
  2. Potato Cheddar Breakfast Bake: A breakfast casserole is essential to any brunch. Try this easy-to-make bake.
  3. Apple-icious Whole Grain Cereal: Start your day with this sweet and hearty whole-grain cereal. Apples and cinnamon sweeten, while walnuts add texture.
  4. Pancakes: Top these fluffy, whole-grain pancakes with a fresh fruit syrup, also made in your Vitamix.
  5. Vanilla Custard Sauce: This basic dessert sauce is perfect on fruit, topping cake, or included in your favourite trifle recipe.
  6. Strawberry Purée: Create your own fresh strawberry purée, perfect for homemade ice cream, pancakes and crepes or even layered custard.
  7. Bellini: With a fresh peach, peach schnapps, and champagne, this Venice native is one of Italy's most popular cocktails. Garnish with a peach slice or cherry