Ascent Series


Ascent Series

Combining sleek design with modern convenience, the Ascent Series offers the first high-performance blenders with built-in timers, wireless connectivity, and a family of containers to accompany you both at home, and on the go.

Ascent Series Video
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  • 3 Program Settings
  • 1-10 Speed Dial
  • Start/Stop Switch
  • Pulse Switch
  • Digital Timer
  • SELF-DETECT™ Technology
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  • 5 Program Settings
  • 1-10 Speed Dial
  • Touch Start/Stop
  • Touch Pulse
  • Touch Programmable Timer
  • SELF-DETECT™ Technology

Compare Ascent Series Blenders

Every machine in the line offers the same power and versatility you expect from us. There really isn’t a wrong choice in the bunch. Just choose the controls that fit your cooking style—touchscreen versus sturdy switches, automated blending versus total control.

  1. 3 Program Settings
    (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts)
  2. 1-10 Speed Dial
  3. Start/Stop Switch
  4. Pulse Switch
  5. Digital Timer
  6. SELF-DETECT™ Technology
  1. 5 Program Settings
    (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, Self-Cleaning)
  2. 1-10 Speed Dial
  3. Touch Start/Stop
  4. Touch Pulse
  5. Touch Programmable Timer
  6. SELF-DETECT™ Technology