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Cashew Cream: Our Secret (Plant-Based) Sauce

This versatile ingredient can be used in countless applications, bringing the culinary qualities of heavy cream without the dairy.

When looking for plant-based alternatives to staple ingredients, it helps to find something as versatile as the original. And that’s exactly what you get with cashew cream. Among the countless dairy substitutes, cashew cream is one of the best at delivering a truly cream-like texture, and when used properly, may even convince your guests that the dish they’re eating contains real dairy.

How to Make Cashew Cream

The preparation couldn’t be easier: Simply blend two parts cashews to one-part water until smooth. Many recipes you’ll find online call for soaking the cashews overnight to soften them, but the blending power of a Vitamix makes that step unnecessary. We recommend storing cashew cream in the refrigerator, and using it as needed in other recipes. Thin it with water for instant cashew milk. Mix in chopped chives or other fresh herbs for a dairy-free bagel schmear. Its versatility is what makes cashew cream one of the best dairy alternatives we’ve found.

Raw for Sweet, Roasted for Savory

Cashew cream is excellent in both sweet and savory applications. Mix it with nutritional yeast, red bell pepper and few other ingredients to make an addictive dairy-free queso dip. Or you can blend it with frozen fruit in a Vitamix to make a quick, dairy-free frozen dessert. Keep in mind that raw cashews will make a more neutral-flavored cream that’s great for sweet recipes, while roasted cashews bring a stronger, nuttier flavor that better compliments savory dishes.

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