Beautiful sauces not only taste wonderful with meats and seafood, but they also add a festive note of color to your holiday table.

For the traditionalist, the uncooked Cranberry Relish Sauce—with its crunchy cranberries, apples, optional walnuts, and orange undertones—cries out for turkey, but it would also be delicious with ham.

Blackberry Five Spice Sauce takes meat in an Asian direction with blackberries and Chinese Five Spice Powder, and its beautiful red color is an added bonus. Try this sauce with roast pork, duck, or turkey.

For fish and seafood, try the even more exotic and colorful Thai Curry Carrot Sauce, which features traditional Thai ingredients like lemongrass and coconut milk.

For a different take, whip up the Ginger Beet Puree. In this treatment, the roasted, gingered beets are combined with cilantro, almonds, and olive oil in the Vitamix blender. It’s a beautiful complement to grilled fish, poultry, or steak.

Try topping off your Thanksgiving feast with Vitamix's Stress-Free Turkey Gravy. With the help of your Vitamix, create a turkey gravy that’s so easy to make, you’ll have more time to enjoy your holiday meal.

Tips for Plating Your Sauce Recipes:

When plating your sauces, remember that they’re not the star of the show, but rather an accent.

  1. Use a tablespoon to spread sauce into your desired shape (usually a circle or oval) where the protein will be placed.
  2. Use the tip of the spoon to artistically stretch the sauce across the plate, or to drop small circles in a creative pattern.
  3. Remove any drips and splatters with a clean, dry towel.
  4. Place the protein in the center of the sauce, and then your starches and vegetables around it, making sure some of the sauce is still visible.