An exciting part of planning a wedding is putting together a registry. When you begin to visualize the kitchen you want, consider your needs carefully. The top kitchen essentials for your wedding registry vary depending on whether you cook often, bake a lot or prefer quick and easy meals. Regardless of your habits, though, certain items are a must.


Put a set of quality knives and a knife block on your registry. You'll also need a stainless steel cookware set that includes multiple sizes of pots and pans. It might seem like a lot, but you need this variety to create meals for just the two of you and for the times family and friends visit. To handle the hot pans and cooked items in them, put oven mitts and a set of tongs on the registry as well. You'll also need a variety of cooking utensils – include spatulas, mixing spoons, a cutting board and a vegetable peeler. Don't forget to include other seemingly minor but essential tools such as a can opener, ice cream scoop, pizza cutter and garlic press.

Baking Needs

If you or your future spouse has a sweet tooth, you'll like having a basic set of mixing bowls and good, old-fashioned wooden spoons to whip up baked goods. Don't forget a set of measuring cups and spoons, cookie sheets, a rolling pin, muffin tins, a cooling rack and cake pans are other baking essentials.

Small Appliances

A Vitamix machine is a must for a new couple’s kitchen as it is several appliances in one. Aside from its obvious blending power, it is also serves as a food processor and stand mixer.  You can whip up smoothies and fresh juices, puree soups, create batter for pancakes and waffles, make sauces for meats and vegetables, craft dips for a party, make your own nut milks and nut butter and make batter for baked goods. Along with a Vitamix blender, a toaster, coffee maker and counter-top grill round out your starter appliance needs. You'll also appreciate a slow cooker so meals can simmer all day, especially if you both work outside the home.

Appreciated Extras

A Dutch oven might not seem like a critical first purchase, but you'll love the stews and braises that come out of it. You'll value a citrus zester if you do a lot of baking or homemade marinades and salad dressings. If you just can't handle cooking rice on the stove top, ask for a rice cooker, and if you plan to make waffle batter in your Vitamix blender, add a waffle maker to your list. Other items that you'll find valuable in a new kitchen are a cheese grater, roasting pan and casserole dishes.

Add a fun couple’s cookbook to the registry so you can experiment with all your new kitchen wares together. Don’t forget silverware, glasses and plates for eating your delicious creations.

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