This Mother's Day, why not show your mom some love with homemade gifts that are catered to her? Regardless of her style, you can find ideas for DIY Mother's Day gifts that will leave her smiling. From candles to body scrubs, here are some inspirational ideas to help you get a little more creative with your gift-giving this year.

For the Health-Conscious Mom

Is your mom crazy about nutrition and whole foods? Why not make her a yummy treat with a healthy twist? Whether you're presenting her with crunchy almond cookies, or avocado fudge balls, she'll love knowing you took the time to think about the ingredients—almost as much as she'll love eating the whole batch!

For the Beauty Guru

For the mom who loves the luxury of new beauty products, give her the four-star treatment by whipping up a homemade body product right in your blender. You can make hair masks, body butters, body scrubs, face masks, and more, all customized with fragrances and oils that you know she'll love.

For the Active Mom

If your mom's the type who loves nothing more than a morning at the gym or a Saturday spent hiking, encourage her healthy lifestyle with a homemade gift that celebrates activity. Make her a batch of individually wrapped granola bars that she can grab and go when she wants to hit the trail, or make a candle with a soothing scent that she can burn while she does her yoga routine. You might even make her a playlist of songs to use during her workout routine; every time she listens to it, she'll think of you.

For the Foodie

Does your mom love cookbooks and trying the latest new ingredients? Is she happiest in the kitchen, cooking up something for the family to enjoy? If so, consider treating her to custom condiments like homemade flavored butter or barbecue sauce, custom spice blends, nut butters, or dressings that you blend up and package beautifully for a Mother's Day treat.

For the Mom with a Sweet Tooth

If you know the way to your mom's heart is through her sweet tooth, bake a batch of her favorite cookies, a delicious dessert bread, or some other sweet snacks, and wrap them beautifully with tissue paper in a pretty tin or bakery box. The key here is customization, so know what your mom loves and cater the sweets to her tastes. Does she always pick citrus-scented desserts? Try a lemon cake. Is she a chocolate lover? You can't go wrong with minty chocolate sandwich cookies. You can also show a little extra thoughtfulness by taking the time to make the wrapping reflect her style—use her favorite colors or incorporate her favorite flower in with the present's bow.

Whatever DIY Mother's Day gifts you go with, make sure you wrap or box them beautifully and include a heartfelt note. There are all different kinds of moms, but no matter what yours is like, you can bet she'll be excited to receive a handmade gift.