Chicken is the ultimate building block for family meals. It's tasty enough to stand on its own, but still plays nicely with almost any combination of flavors and textures you choose. When you combine a Vitamix machine's power with poultry’s versatility, you'll have plenty of options for easy chicken dishes the whole family will love.

In the Oven

No matter how your family likes its chicken, your Vitamix machine can make the meal a little more appealing. For example, brushing your chicken with citrus butter as it roasts will help it brown and lend a fresh, bright flavor. If your crew prefers the golden crunch of individual pieces, coat them in breadcrumbs, crushed nuts or crumbs from leftover jalapeño cornbread (all of which you can chop fresh in your Vitamix blender) and then oven-fry them on a baking sheet. Serve them with an exotic dipping sauce for the adults, and homemade ketchup for the kids.

On the Grill

Maybe you love the flavor of cooking chicken on the grill. Use that homemade ketchup as the basis for a barbecue sauce, whip up your own spice rub or brush on a kid-friendly mango sauce when the chicken is almost done. Grilling also provides a great opportunity to add healthful side dishes to your meal, from crisp slaws to savory grilled vegetables.

Grind It Up

Ground chicken provides a whole range of additional options. Whip up a batch of chicken meatballs and serve them with spaghetti and marinara sauce, or stuff them into a wrap or hoagie roll for lunch. Use ground chicken in place of beef in your tacos and sloppy joes for a lighter version of those old favorites. For a kid-friendly snack or light lunch, sprinkle browned ground chicken over tortilla chips and top them with cheese and fresh salsa for some memorable nachos.

Don't Forget the Leftovers

Some of the very best dishes start with a chicken that's already provided one meal. Your leftover roasted or rotisserie bird can be the main ingredient for all kinds of delicious next-day treats. Shredded and rolled up in corn tortillas with a homemade sauce it makes tasty enchiladas. A cup of leftover chicken pulsed in your Vitamix machine can make a filling spread for sandwiches or wraps. Of course, you can always turn surplus chicken into healthy soup, or make up a quick chicken stock for later.