Do you ever find yourself in a “food funk?” Grocery shopping for the same ingredients each week is a chore, and taking microwavable lunches day-after-day is a bore. But when time is of the essence, we fall into routines that take the guesswork (and the fun) out of eating, like ordering takeout or purchasing prepared foods.

According to the USDA, Millennials purchase a larger amount of prepared foods, pasta, and sugary foods than older generations. Millennials averaged 13.6 percent of their at-home food cost to these three categories, compared with 12.4 percent by Gen Xers and 11.5 percent by Baby Boomers.

Overcoming a food funk requires a mental shift—and a few good kitchen tools. Try the following meal tips and recipes to take your consumption habits from routine to riveting.

Pizza DoughGrated Parmesan

1.) Treat Eating as a Treat – We’re not talking sweets. At the end of a busy day, many opt for convenience foods instead of enjoying the process of cooking and exploring new ingredients. Fuel your passion for food by challenging yourself to cook at home one additional day per week—treating it as an event rather than a chore. Invite friends to your place and make a pizza— sauce, dough and chopped cheese—from scratch, right in your Vitamix blender. For a busy day, try a simple, yet satisfying, Black Bean Soup made in your Vitamix.

2.) Prep the Basics – Instead of opting for pre-packaged beverages or instant lunches, create a healthy, inspired arsenal of snacks and smoothies to get through the week. Chop and separate fruits and veggies into ready-to-blend smoothie packs. When ready, just add water or almond milk and blend in your Vitamix Blending Cup with SELF-DETECT® for a quick on-the-go breakfast. You can also whip up batches of homemade hummus and peanut butter in your Vitamix blender to eat with whole wheat pita, fruits and veggies throughout the week, so you never run out of nutritious options.

3.) Step Out of Your Comfort Zone – Broaden your horizons with new recipes inspired from cultures around the world. Try Mexican Street Corn with Homemade Mayonnaise or a Minestrone Soup heated up right in your Vitamix.

4.) Get Inspired – Sometimes all you need to spice up your diet is a bit of inspiration. Follow new bloggers, try a different grocery or specialty store, pick up a cookbook, or browse through recipes from Vitamix to get your juices flowing.

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