The Power to Create


Gentle Strength

From grinding lobster shells to pulverizing peanuts, the power within every Vitamix commercial machine will help you achieve your most creative menu offerings. Explore notoriously tough ingredients, like knobs of raw ginger, or blend delicate emulsions. Because power isn’t just about brute force; it’s about control. It’s the ability to finesse each ingredient, for any recipe. Because sometimes the most powerful thing you can be, is gentle.

It’s Not Just a Job—It’s a Calling

From iconic beverage shops to independent fine dining restaurants, culinary professionals around the world harness the power and durability of a Vitamix machine in a hundred different ways.

Every Second Counts

It’s not just about horsepower—you don’t need more horses, you need trained ones. The focused power of our comprehensive blending system means every part of the Vitamix machine works together, creating faster, smoother blends packed with flavor.

Time Is Money

With 4.2 horses under the hood, the Vitamix XL gives you the power to blend up to 1½ gallons at once, reducing prep times and allowing you to blend large quantities of kitchen staples in a fraction of the time.

Good Choice

Compare the Vita-Prep 3 to the XL—while both perform a variety of tasks with ease, each is ideally suited for some specific applications (see chart below). For more standard blending applications, such as puréed sauces, creamy dressings, or dips and spreads, select a machine based on your ideal batch size.

Vita-Prep 3

Smaller container and higher RPMs ideal for:

Vitamix XL

Broad container and lower RPMs ideal for:

Small Batch RecipesLarge Batch Recipes
Finely Ground Grains, Legumes & SugarsPerfectly Aerated Batters
Pulverized SeedsFluffy Whipped Cream and Frostings
Smoothies and Frozen DessertsChunky Salsas & Chutneys
Heated Custards & SaucesGround Raw or Cooked Proteins

Can’t Decide?

We don’t blame you. Consult an expert for help with your decision.

Sales Advice

Temperatures Rising

With the Vitamix machine’s ability to heat ingredients through friction, you can bring soups and sauces to serving temperatures in minutes.


Only the Best

See why Vitamix has been voted Best-In-Class for seven years running.

Vitamix Precision

Unleash Your Creativity

Explore the ease of performing at least 12 different culinary techniques in a single container.