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Commercial Blending Technique Blending


The speed of the Vitamix blades fully incorporates ingredients, including ice and frozen fruits, for signature, hand-crafted blends. Depending on your machine’s controls, use pre-programmed settings to achieve consistent results, or 93 variable speeds to adjust the mouth feel of every drink.

Commercial Blending Technique Chopping


Our machines don’t have to purée every ingredient — they can rough-chop for chunky dips and sauces to reduce knife work.

Commercial Blending Technique Heating


With the Vitamix machine’s ability to heat ingredients through friction, soups and sauces can typically be brought to 170°F in just 5 minutes of blending on High. Use that power to your advantage when creating delicate custards and sauces,instead of risking scorching them in a double boiler.

Commercial Blending Technique Homogenizing


Frozen ingredients are quickly homogenized in the container’s vortex, with no chunks left behind.Vitamix machines allow you to create a wide range of recipes that would otherwise be too time-consuming,since you can blend house made desserts in a single process and serve immediately.

Commercial Blending Technique Grinding


Grind and pulverize virtually any ingredient to create every menu item from scratch without added oil, sugar, or shelf stabilizers. Transform roasted nuts to perfectly smooth butter and freeze-dried berries to the lightest powders — a wide variety of textures that just aren’t possible with another appliance.

Commercial Blending Technique Emulsifying


By pouring oil slowly through the lid plug opening,emulsifications are created in seconds. Even new prep cooks can master this technique to create simple vinaigrettes, hollandaise sauce, and more.

Commercial Blending Technique Creaming


Creating lufy, creamy textures in your Vitamix container will save your pastry chef time and money. There’s no need to sift ingredients-the blender’s speed breaks up clumps and fully incorporates ingredients for perfect creamed recipes.

Commercial Blending Technique Pureeing


In a single process, the Vitamix blender delivers exceptional texture and flavor refinement that typically requires additional steps like straining through a chinois. Easily adjust speed to control mouthfeel and create everything from a textured dip to a silky smooth purée.

Commercial Blending Technique Infusing


Take handcrafted cocktails to the next level by creating your own flavored simple syrups, right in the blender. Just add mint, citrus zest, or spices to your simple syrup made in the blender and pulse a few times to marry the flavors.

Commercial Blending Technique Muddling


Let your Vitamix blender do the prep work for you. Pulsing lets you quickly rough chop items like fresh herbs to release their essential oils and create a great muddled drink. Add the perfect finishing touch by grinding your own sugar or salt for distinctive glass rims.

Commercial Blending Technique Whipping


Blend heavy cream with chosen flavorings (such as mint or chocolate) on high speed until soft peaks form. Or create an indulgent mousse as your main dessert course by whipping the cream and folding in flavorings that have been blended separately.

Commercial Blending Technique Juicing

Whole Juicing

For smoothie and juice bars, afresh juice blend is packed with flavor. And Vitamix blends the whole ingredient — for more fiber and less waste. Simply blend fruit and vegetable ingredients with water to your desired consistency. These fresh juices are also a great addition to your bar and restaurant menus.

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