Rocco Whalen

In the Kitchen with Rocco Whalen

Go behind the scenes of Chef Rocco Whalen’s celebrated restaurant Fahrenheit to see what makes his kitchen work.

Pork Liver Pate

Pork Liver Pate

Pork liver is whipped into a velvety-smooth texture and combined with sweet balsamic vinegar and savory caramel iced shallots.


Go behind the scenes with amazing chefs and see what they’re creating with fresh, local ingredients. Get inspired. Get organized. Our articles will help you get your business in gear and keep you creating in the kitchen.

Mike Friedman

Seasonal Ingredients Are Essential

Read how Chef Mike Friedman is keeping things fresh in one of D.C.’s best restaurants.

Root Vegetables

Working Root Vegetables Onto the Menu

Explore tasty ways to add beets, artichokes, and more to your seasonal menu.

Flow Food Movement

What is the Slow Food Movement?

Get the full story behind this popular whole-food trend, and why embracing it can pay off for your restaurant.

Jonathan Sawyer

How to Become a Certified Green Restaurant®

Learn how Chef Jonathon Sawyer created the first Certified Green Restaurant® in Ohio.

Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction in the Kitchen

Practical advice will help you minimize waste and maximize profits.

Tips for Growing Restaurant Garden

Tips for Growing Your Own Restaurant Garden

Five helpful hints explain how growing your own garden can also grow your business.


From under-utilized cuts of meat to vegetable masterpieces, we’ll help you translate sustainability from the farm to the plate. Explore recipes from well-known chefs and our own culinary team, and feed your passion as well as you feed your customers.

Friedman Recipe

Chicken Thighs ‘Fra Diavolo’

Check out Executive Chef Michael Friedman’s modern version of a classic Italian-American dish.

LeLengua Tacos

Le Lengua Tacos

Tender beef tongue is marinated and braised for a delicious, unexpected taco filling.


Black Walnut and Sage Soup

Chef Jonathon Sawyer blends the rich flavors of bacon, walnuts, red onion, and sage into a decadent soup.

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