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The Value of Vitamix

Discover how Vitamix Commercial equipment can be a powerful partner for you and your business.

Vitamix Investment Calculator

Use this simple tool to find out how quickly you’ll break even on your Vitamix investment, and the cost per blend over the lifetime of your warranty.

Vitamix Investment Calculator

Price Paid 
Profit Per Item 
Blends Per Day 
Operating Days Per Week 
Warranty Years1 year


Days to Breakeven0 day(s) Please select a model above.
Cost Per Blend Over Warranty0.00 Please select a model above.
Durability, Ease of Use, Consistency, Partnership. The Vitamix Advantage

Durability & Reliability

Because you need equipment you can count on

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ROBUST DRIVE SYSTEMS power through tough ingredients

Stainless steel blade

HARDENED STAINLESS STEEL BLADES give the greatest strength on impact

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RIGOROUS TESTING ensures consistent performance under heavy load

Quality & Consistency

Because your customers deserve the best

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PROGRAM SETTINGS automatically adjust blend speed & time, for consistency across locations

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Containers efficiently move ingredients into the blades for HIGH-QUALITY BLENDS

Overhead view of 6 smoothies with the same consistency

Every component is designed to work together to deliver DEPENDABLE RESULTS

Ease of Operation

Because we help you get it right the first time, every time

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Powerful motors MAINTAIN SPEED under load, blend after blend

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INTUITIVE CONTROLS let new staff blend like seasoned professionals

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Consistent quality minimizes re-blends for IMPROVED SPEED OF SERVICE


Because we help you get it right the first time, every time

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We ANALYZE TRENDS to make sure your equipment grows with your business

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We provide a SUPPORT NETWORK offering assistance by phone and access to a video library