When skies are dark and rainy, we can dream of summer and use the Vitamix blender to make delicious smoothies that increase our Vitamin D intake until the sun shines on us again. Vitamin D occurs naturally in only a few foods, like fatty fish, but we can whip up smoothies with vitamin D-fortified foods like dairy milk.

Certain other foods – soy milk, soy yogurt and tofu, non-dairy milks like almond milk, and orange juice may also be fortified. Just check the label for Vitamin D when you buy. And feel free to change things up; in any smoothie recipe, you can replace Soy Milk with dairy milk or a vitamin D-enriched, non-dairy milk like Almond Milk.

Try These 6 Smoothie Recipes to Boost Your Vitamin D:

  1. Emerald Smoothie- Spinach and celery given this smoothie its rich green color while pineapple adds sweetness and yogurt or soy milk adds Vitamin D.
  2. Everything Smoothie- Soy milk makes a delicious, creamy base for this smoothie that blends five fruits and four vegetables.
  3. Basic Fruit Smoothie- Soy milk, banana, and pineapple combine in this basic smoothie recipe to pack flavor that’s anything but basic.
  4. Mango Smoothie- Mango and orange take vanilla yogurt to new heights.
  5. Tropical Cooler- Lite tofu lends nutrients and creamy smoothness to orange and bananas.