Vegetable Smoothies

Smoothies that incorporate veggies are a great way to use the crops that are most bountiful this time of year, and to expand your smoothie repertoire. Plus, they’re a smart choice since they typically contain less sugar than all-fruit recipes. If you don’t have your own garden, stop by your local farmer’s market and look for seasonal produce. That typically means it’s at its peak, and (bonus!) cheapest too.

Incorporate Raw Vegetables

Delicately flavored vegetables like cucumbers, celery, and fennel lend themselves to smoothies mixed with fruit, citrus, and herbs, as do leafy greens like lettuces and spinach. But don’t be scared to experiment with more assertively flavored veggies like tomatoes, beets, carrots, kale, and chard. Either way, incorporating raw vegetables into smoothies is a quick, easy way to give your body a big boost of vitamins and nutrients in just one glass.

Use Seasonal Ingredients

Try two favorite end-of-summer crops – tomatoes and cucumbers – in the Refreshingly Green Smoothie. Cucumbers and broccoli deliver garden-fresh flavor in the Good Morning Green Smoothie. And as Fall approaches, be sure to try the Autumn Sweet Potato Smoothie, which combines crisp apples and creamy, nutrient-rich sweet potatoes for a bright and flavorful autumnal treat.

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