From changing leaves and crisp weather to picking pumpkins and festive foods, there's a lot to love about the autumn season. So why not make the most of it by filling your autumn bucket list with fun fall activities? Here are 15 fun ways to celebrate this beloved time of year:

  1. Take a Hike

    Pick a day during the peak of fall foliage and get outside, where you'll be surrounded by nature and beauty. Bundle up for a walk in the woods where you can take in scenic views and breathe in crisp, cool air. To make the trip extra special, bring along a hazelnut hot chocolate to enjoy along the way.

  2. Play Outdoor Games

    There's nothing like a game of touch football or family freeze tag to get your blood pumping and your heart rate elevated. Spend an autumn afternoon at the park burning calories, and then head home to whip up a quick, hearty soup.

  3. Go for a Drive

    Take a drive during the fall season to take in the scenery. Do a little research on the best places to see color, and hit the road with a basket filled with picnic snacks in the backseat. When you find a good spot, lay out a blanket and enjoy your lunch with an unforgettable backdrop.

  4. Jump in Piles of Leaves

    When it's time to rake the leaves in your yard, make the chore fun. Build the leaves into tall piles and then jump into them with your friends or kids.

  5. Pick Apples or Pumpkins

    Going apple or pumpkin picking is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Load up the car, head to a local orchard or pumpkin patch, and get together to select the right apples and pumpkins to bring back home.

  6. Bake Seasonal Treats

    Put those freshly picked apples to good use by baking fall treats like apple pie or an apple Dutch baby pancake. You could even try a fresh take on frozen desserts with your own homemade apple pie ice cream.

  7. Carve Pumpkins

    Scoop out the insides of your pumpkins and get creative while carving them. Not only can each family member put their own spin on the design of their pumpkin, but the flesh is also great for recipes and purees.

  8. Go Trick-or-Treating

    Find or make fun costumes, and buy a bunch of Halloween treats to give away. Whether you take your kids through the neighborhood or you just greet local kids with candy, you'll have fun celebrating the season.

  9. Visit a Fall Festival

    Many towns and cities host fall festivals—from harvest parties to Thanksgiving parades. Mark them down in your calendar to enjoy scenic seasonal celebrations in your community.

  10. Host a Football-Themed Party

    Invite your favorite football fans over to your place for a spread of snacks while you watch a game. For serving ideas, try these game day party snacks.

  11. Go Tailgating

    When you can go to a local game in person, make the most of the experience by tailgating in style. Try these easy recipes for game day.

  12. Visit a Corn Maze

    Find a local farm or festival with a corn maze, and have fun getting lost inside with your friends or family.

  13. Have a Bonfire

    Whether you roast marshmallows or tell ghost stories, gathering around a bonfire is a quintessential fall activity.

  14. Host Thanksgiving

    If the location for this year's Thanksgiving get-together is still up in the air, why not offer to hold it at your place? Divvy up the prep list, spend a day in the kitchen, and enjoy the seasonal scents and tastes in your own home. Alternatively, if Thanksgiving Day is already covered, why not hold your own mini feast on another day in November?

  15. Get Cozy

    Spend at least one cool Saturday tucked in at home with the windows open, sipping hot drinks, and reading or watching movies under blankets. Cuddling up with the ones you love is a great tradition to start now and continue into the winter months.

    Whether you get to all these fall activities this season, or just pick and choose the ones that work for you, make the most of fall this year. From picking pumpkins to gathering around a bonfire, there are many ways to celebrate autumn with the ones you love.