Use the Vitamix blender to combine just a few basic ingredients, and enjoy cool treats that far outshine the store-bought varieties in flavor, freshness, and healthfulness.

Fruit is the star in our sorbets, ice creams, and freezes. Its natural sweetness makes sugar practically unnecessary. And, because you make it fresh, these healthy desserts contain none of the preservatives found in commercial varieties.

If you prefer a dairy-free dessert, simply replace milk with a non-dairy substitute, such as almond or soy milk, or concoct a sorbet with just fruit, sweetener (optional), and ice.


Don’t forget that you can also enjoy your ice cream with a straw. Adding a bit more milk to a recipe can turn many frozen treats into milkshakes.


Make your desserts even more fun by creating new flavors with your kids. Add dark chocolate chunks to Raspberry Ice Cream, or peanut butter to the Banana Freeze. You can even dream up a special gourmet family flavor, available only in your kitchen. Serve it straight up from the Vitamix container, or scoop into dessert dishes and place in the freezer for an hour for a firmer texture. Either way, your eager diners will clamor for more. Watch a video demonstration to learn more about making frozen desserts.


  1. Banana Freeze: The natural creaminess of bananas paired with milk and a touch of sugar make for a rich but healthy dessert.
  2. Orange Sorbet: Stunning to the eye, sweet and tangy to the tongue. So few ingredients, so much taste!
  3. Pineapple Freeze: The sweetness of pineapple and the tartness of lime combine with the velvety richness of soft tofu in this tantalizing treat.
  4. Raspberry Ice Cream: Pretty in pink, this luscious ice cream refreshes the eye as well as the palate.
  5. Strawberry Banana Shake: This whole-fruit shake packs intense strawberry and banana flavor for a quick, refreshing snack.