Standard Vitamix blending containers are designed to pulverize tough ingredients and ice into perfectly smooth textures–but the Aer Disc Container was made with other types of blends in mind.

Meet the Aer Disc Container

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The Aer Disc Container looks like a standard, 48-ounce blending container, but instead of hardened stainless-steel blades, you’ll find a disc perforated with 12 holes. The holes in the disc aerate and agitate ingredients rather than puréeing them. It’s perfect for delicate blends, where you want the ingredients to mingle, but to stay partially intact - like in a shaken cocktail. The disc also acts like a whisk, emulsifying or incorporating air into your blend.


What You Can Do in the Aer Disc Container

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Like the standard Vitamix container, the Aer Disc Containeris extremely versatile, and excels at four culinary techniques:

  • Muddle–Since ingredients are agitated but not puréed, flavors are extracted into the mixture. This technique is great for shaken cocktails like mojitos chilled drinks like homemade lemonade.
  • Whip–The holes in the Aer Disc aerate ingredients, incorporating air into the mixture and increasing the volume of some ingredients. Try making aquafaba, meringue, or fresh whipped cream.
  • Foam–Similar to whipping, the Aer Disc Container increases volume by aerating certain ingredients. Try cold milk foam over your cold-brew coffee, warm foam on your cappuccino, or you can whip up a classic foamy cocktail like a whisky sour.
  • Emulsify–Whisking homemade hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise, or aioli by hand canbe tricky (and tiring), but these recipes are easy in the Aer Disc Container. The Aer Disc Container can also quickly infuse flavors into liquids, and quick-chill ingredients when ice is added.


Which Vitamix Blenders Are Compatible with the Aer Disc Container?

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All full-size Vitamix blenders, including Ascent Series, Explorian Series, Venturist, and Legacy models like the 5200 and Professional Series 750 work with the Aer Disc Container. Non-full-size blenders, like the S-Series and Vitamix ONE, will not work with the Aer Disc Container.


Aer Disc Container Recipes

Here are some recipes to get you started–you’ll find drinks for any season, plus sauces, dressings and desserts that’ll impress at any gathering.

Refreshing Drinks

Café Drinks



Sauces and Salad Dressings