In the world of made-to-order beverages, consistency is the aim. Your customers need to know that they can count on your brand to deliver the same awesome-tasting beverage, time and again, no matter the location of the store or time of day. That’s a tall order with today’s labor challenges and high-pressure working environments.

Fortunately, there is Vitamix® Commercial, the brand trusted by more coffee shops and smoothie bars than any other and revered by professional chefs around the world. 

The Quiet One® is our machine especially designed for busy, front-of-house operations where there’s lots to keep track of. For one, it’s quiet. A convenient sound enclosure and patented motor damping technology reduce background noise and stress. The Quiet One is so quiet that it can make the difference between hearing an order correctly – or not.

The Quiet One is also smart, with 34 standard beverage programs stored in its memory. You can bring six of those to the front of the machine for one-button operation. Four of the standard programs are designed for the Vitamix Aerating Container, the industry’s preferred container for cold foams and fruit-infused drinks.

the quiet one enviornment shot

But The Quiet One’s most important feature is consistency. One-button, programmed operation empowers every employee – including brand-new employees – to create perfect blends every time, even the first time. Employees simply load the ingredients (liquids first, then solids) in the container, then set it on the machine and push one button. The Quiet One takes care of the rest, running through the right set of speeds for the ideal blends. While the machine runs, your employees are free to do something else to keep orders moving quickly forward.

With so much chaos and change in today’s world, you need equipment that can deliver on your customers’ expectations. The Quiet One is designed for high-performing chain restaurants. It’s thoughtfully designed to be durable, powerful and precise, ensuring all-day, back-to-back blending, with no deviation in performance.