Vitamix Gratitude Stories

These stories of gratitude not only showcase the versatility of Vitamix machines in the kitchen, but also serve as a testament to how Vitamix has positively changed the lives of people around the world.

Food for Christopher

When Christopher lost the ability to swallow solid foods, his mother worried he would never again enjoy family meals at the dinner table. This all changed when Christopher’s mother discovered the Vitamix machine.

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The Vitamix Pizza Date

Janet and Craig’s love story all began with a Vitamix machine. Nineteen years and three kids later, they still use their Vitamix every day.

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Bonding Around the Vitamix

Now that a Vitamix machine is part of Terri’s kitchen, her family has been closer than ever before.

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High-Performance Athletes Require High-Performance Vitamix

For these athletes, time and performance are essential—not only when running or cycling, but in the kitchen as well. Learn how the Vitamix helps them achieve success.

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