Keep It Quiet! Hidden Advantages of The Quiet One Product Updates, from a Vitamix Insider

Vitamix® just updated the design of one of its most popular commercial blending machines – The Quiet One® – and it has some distinct, real-world benefits (aside from its unparalleled noise reduction) for coffee shops, smoothie shops, high-end restaurants, and bars.

“For the end customer, you still get the same power, precision and consistency,” said Steve Hosey, Blending Application Manager at Vitamix, and the new machine’s most frequent user, to date. “But we’re raising the performance.”

So, what has changed on The Quiet One?

First, The Quiet One has a new sound enclosure, with an easy-to-remove twist-and-lock design – just twist the enclosure a quarter turn to lock into place. The simple motion helps users feel confident it’s secure. When it’s time to clean the enclosure, it twists right off. Removal takes place in just a few seconds.

Aside from ease of use, The Quiet One’s new twist-and-lock enclosure provides one hidden benefit for coffee shops or smoothie shops with less-experienced employees who may try to lift the machine by its sound enclosure. “Because the lid has to be twisted off, you don’t have to worry about someone accidentally dropping the entire machine,” said Hosey.

TQO aerating container domestic

Another bonus? The gasket that went between the sound enclosure and the base on the former machine is now directly incorporated into the sound enclosure, which means no risk of lost parts, and no downtime if someone misplaces the gasket.

“When Vitamix updates a product, we do so after hundreds of hours of real-world testing and observation,” said Hosey. “Our goal is always to prevent time and money lost.”

Aside from the new, easy-to-remove enclosure with an updated gasket, The Quiet One also benefits from an updated container with a new Advance® blade. The blade provides quiet operation and longer container life, for lower total cost of ownership. This Advance Container also has a unique shape and built-in dripless spout for faster blends and cleaner, faster pours.

The Advance Container sits atop a now-larger centering pad. This pad makes the machine easier to clean. As a bonus, if users spill liquid on the machine’s base, or forget to put on the container’s lid, the new centering pad provides a layer of protection, so the machine doesn’t take in liquid. But Vitamix didn’t stop there – it also updated the design of the back of the machine to divert liquid away from the motor. The machine’s advanced 3-peak output HP motor and advanced air management system ensure it remains cool even when executing the most difficult blends, and that liquid isn’t pulling into the motor.

“Now, it’s even more bulletproof,” said Hosey.

TQO aerating container domestic v2

On top of that, The Quiet One now has updated custom programs that reflect the latest trends in beverage menus. Overall, it boasts six optimized programs, 34 settings, 93 variable speeds and automatic shut-off, with the ability to create custom blending programs for signature drinks, smoothies and blended coffees. Four new programs are optimized for use with the Vitamix Aerating Container, so users can blend items like foam for lattes, cold foam, muddled cocktails or mocktails.

“The new automated programs could be especially helpful for a full-service chain restaurant who wants to create high-end, craft cocktails with consistency,” said Hosey. “Programmability allows for a solid, repeatable process with very little effort by the employee.”

The Quiet One’s updates – like other Vitamix Commercial product updates – are centered around maximizing uptime, minimizing downtime and increasing ROI for Vitamix customers.

“One of the best ways Vitamix can support its partners is by continuing to develop and produce blending solutions that will help them sustain and grow their businesses,” said Lisa Klein, Vice President, Global Commercial Sales at Vitamix. “We know our commercial customers are facing challenges now. We see them; we’re inspired by them; and we’ll be here for them when they’re ready to move forward.”