A Vitamix can clean itself…literally. After blending a smoothie, soup or other delicious recipe, simply add some warm water, a drop of dish soap and let the high-powered motor do the rest. Some models, such as the Ascent series, even have a self-cleaning program that automates the process.

Over time, however, your Vitamix may develop a white film that causes the container to appear cloudy, and may make you wonder if your blender is actually clean. In many cases, even vigorous scrubbing won’t do the trick.

But don’t be alarmed. Your blender isn’t dirty, nor is it scratched or permanently stained. The film is a natural and expected consequence of regularly blending mineral-rich fruits and vegetables. Hard water may also cause the film if that’s a problem in your area.

So how do you clean a cloudy blender? It’s actually quite simple.

First and foremost, regularly wash your Vitamix after every use and avoid letting residue sit in your Vitamix. This is the most effective way to delay the onset of the cloudy film. If it still does occur, here’s how to remove it.

How to Clean a Cloudy Blender

  1. Pour one cup of white vinegar into the container.
  2. Fill the contain half-full with warm water.
  3. Let the container soak in an upright, standing position for several hours or even overnight.
  4. Pour the contents out and use a soft pot scrubber to clean the remaining residue.

Note: Be careful while cleaning around the blade assembly as the blades are sharp. Also, avoid abrasive cleaning tools, which may permanently scratch your container.