How to Use Vitamix the Aer™ Disc Container

Learn how to master the techniques of the Aer™ Disc Container: Whip, Foam, Muddle, and Emulsify. Create the perfect textures everytime to wow your friends and family while entertaining.

how to create aquafaba fluff or whipped cream in the aer disc


Get more volume in less time with the Aer™ disc container. Homemade whipped cream or vegan fluff makes any dessert more special, and you’ll have fun exploring the endless flavor possibilities by adding your favorite fruits or berries.

how to foam in the aer disc container


Transform your kitchen into a café by making frothy drinks at home with the Aer™ disc container. From cold brew cappuccino to hot chai lattes, it’s easy to make single servings or batches.

how to make a margarita in the aer disc container


Experience muddling magic with the patent-pending Aer™ disc. Liquid ingredients are pulled through small holes in the spinning disc, while firmer ingredients like ice and fruit are agitated but not puréed. Our Margarita on the Rocks is a perfect recipe to try.


With the Aer™ disc container, you can make complex, time-consuming sauces, spreads, dips, and dressings in minutes – no whisking required. Discover how easy (and delicious) it is to create your own homemade vegan mayonnaise.

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Aer™ Disc Container

Master four culinary techniques in minutes with the Vitamix Aer™ Disc Container.


Aer™ Disc Recipes

Learn how to quickly and easily create foamed café drinks, handcrafted-quality cocktails, creamy hollandaise sauce and more in the newest Vitamix® container.


The Perfect Mojito Recipe

There’s nothing quite like a cool, minty mojito on a hot summer day, but this classic cocktail is notoriously time consuming and labor intensive to make. Watch how the Aer disc container quickly muddles and chills the cocktail without puréeing the ingredients, saving you time and making clean-up a breeze.