Your mom isn't the type to settle for a sweater and a bouquet of flowers. She's in the kitchen whipping up healthy alternative treats and on the trail checking out the flowers as soon as they bloom. Consider skipping the card this year and buy Mother’s Day gifts for the active mom that encourage her healthy habits instead.

Kitchen Support

If your mom often buys smoothies and nut butters, a Vitamix blender can be the perfect Mother's Day gift. She can make these items, along with a host of others, at home for a fraction of the cost where she’s in control of the ingredients. She can also quickly whip up homemade soups, sauces, desserts and dips, so meal prep and cleanup is a breeze when she is on the go.

Add Accessories

If your mom starts her day off with a smoothie, a Travel Cup is a must. It lets her take her favorite breakfast drink to go. Bundle this gift with a specialized recipe book so she can experiment with other healthy meals and snacks beyond the morning hours.

Track Team

An activity tracker will get your mom moving with the millions of other people who use the fun and educational gadgets. Activity trackers count steps taken, calories expended, sleep quality and the amount of time a person is active. Some models allow users to set goals and nudge them along with a buzz or vibration. Newer trackers include the ability to measure heart rate and can be worn while swimming. The gadgets sync with online programs so mom can compare her results with those of her friends. Stay connected with your active mother by purchasing one for yourself, too, and setting up a friendly competition.

An Online Surprise

Does mom already have a membership to a gym or studio? If so, help her keep fit while she's traveling, at home without a sitter or just not feeling the group exercise vibe. Online yoga, Pilates and fitness class subscriptions provide versatility and instant access at all hours. She can stream them on her laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.

Commemorative Gifts

If your mom is a competitor, give her a Mother's Day gift that recognizes her accomplishments. Buy a rack to hold her race medals. Make her a scrapbook of hiking or running photos and don’t forget to include pictures of the whole family being active together. You can also buy her a frame or have mementos from a memorable day professionally arranged in a shadow box.