In 1987, having mastered the real estate and cheeseburger markets, the world’s premier fast food chain was looking for a way to expand its frozen dessert menu. Not finding a suitable machine on the market, executives turned to Vitamix for its reputation of innovative, long-lasting household blenders.

Engineers quickly got to work designing what would become their first commercial product: the Vitamix Mix’n Machine. Combining the premium, easy-to-clean components that Vitamix is known for with simple, intuitive controls, the Mix’n Machine took the guesswork out of frozen treats, so the same product could be created across countless operators, services, and locations.

The company now has a Vitamix machine in over 30,000 worldwide locations, and attributes an estimated $460 million of annual profit to frozen desserts. While other kitchen equipment has had to be replaced multiple times over the years, many of the original Vitamix machines are still in operation. More recently, the chain has utilized Vitamix technology to expand its frozen beverage menu with smoothies and frozen coffees.

The Mix’n Machine and the Mix’n Machine® Advance® are used in thousands of fast food chain locations around the world. If the world’s leading chains can depend on Vitamix for quality and consistency, what could a frozen treat program do for your business?