Healthy snacks keep your kids energized on the track, field or court and help them stay focused on their studies. Instead of the cookies, chips and other unhealthy fare that often show up at games, whip up some healthy sideline snacks for kids that offer long-lasting energy, nutrients and delicious flavor.

Homemade No-Bake Granola Bars

Whole grains, nuts and fruit are packed with healthy carbohydrates your kids need throughout the game. With just five whole-food ingredients — no oven needed — you can whip up a batch of sweet, crunchy granola bars your kids will crave. Pulse some pitted dates in your Vitamix machine until only small bits remain. Combine the dates with rolled oats and chopped roasted almonds. Warm some creamy peanut or almond butter and a little honey or maple syrup in the microwave and thoroughly mix it with the dates, oats and almonds. Press the mixture into a wax paper-lined pan and let it set in the refrigerator. After it's set, slice and store in an airtight container you can take to the game.

Frozen Fruit Treats

Fall weather can get chilly, but your kids heat up fast on the field and will appreciate a cool, sweet snack at break time. Plain yogurt mixed with fresh fruit freezes well in ice pop molds for a portable snack rich in calcium and vitamin C. You choose the ratio of yogurt to fruit — for a creamier snack, use mostly yogurt with a little fruit pureed in your Vitamix machine. For a fruitier treat, blend together any kind of fruit — frozen berries, pineapple and kiwi work well. Stir in a little yogurt, or leave it out alltogether. Pack the pops in a portable cooler for easy transport to your child's sporting event.

Nut Butter Cracker Sandwiches

Nut butters are a good source of protein and healthy fats, and they make a delicious filling for snack sandwiches. You can make your own peanut butter in your Vitamix blender with fresh roasted peanuts. You can also use any combination of almonds, cashews or sunflower seeds for a change of pace. Spread the nut butter between two whole-grain crackers or apple slices. Add mashed or thinly sliced banana, raisins or dark chocolate chips for sweetness.

Hummus, Pita and Veggie Sticks

Packed with protein, homemade hummus gives kids energy to stay in the game. In your Vitamix machine, blend garbanzo beans with olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, paprika and salt to a smooth consistency. Slice whole-wheat pitas into triangles or cut vegetable sticks to take along with the dip. Apple slices also make a tasty, if unusual accompaniment to hummus. Pack it up in a small portable cooler for sideline snacking.