Smoothies vs. Juicing: What’s the Difference?

People often wonder about the difference between smoothies and juice, and which is the healthier option. Typically, juice is made with – you guessed it – a juicer (read on to learn the simpler Vitamix method), which extracts the liquid and nutrients from the ingredients, but leaves behind the natural fiber that promotes healthy digestion. Smoothies, on the other hand, are made from whole fruits or vegetables, fiber and all, often blended together with other ingredients like nuts, seeds, or yogurt. Both juicing and smoothies can be a healthy way to start your morning breakfast routine, providing the energy and nutrients you need to support a healthy lifestyle.

Can I Make Smoothie-Shop Quality Drinks and Juices at Home?

Making juices and smoothies at home definitely has its advantages – it’s more economical, doesn’t require leaving the house, and gives you total control over what goes in it. And if you’re using a Vitamix blender, your drink will be just as smooth as one you’d get in a smoothie shop.

Smoothies and Juicing in One Machine

If you’re looking for one device that can do it all, Vitamix is the best blender for both juicing and smoothies. Superior blending power means that your smoothies come out incredibly smooth, without ice chunks or chewy bits of fiber, even if you’re using hearty greens like kale. You can even include parts of the fruit or veggie that are often discarded, like carrot tops, kale stems, and apple peels – reducing food waste and getting the most out of your produce.

For our favorite juicing method, choose fruits that have a relatively high water-to-fiber ratio like oranges or grapes, and blend them into a refreshing, drinkable whole-food juice, fiber and all. You can also strain your juice through a cheese cloth to make it pulp free.


Whole-Food Juices

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