Your Vitamix is engineered to offer commercial-grade performance and unmatched reliability so you have confidence that you can successfully blend the toughest ingredients over and over again.

However, even the finest machines occasionally experience problems—why we back our machines with an up to 10-year warranty. Fortunately, many issues can be solved on your own but there are some that may require assistance from our customer service team.Here are the most common ways to troubleshoot your Vitamix.

My Vitamix is shaking and vibrating

If your Vitamix is shaking and vibrating, check that your Vitamix is set flat on a solid surface, such as your countertop, not a cutting board or other non-fixed surface. Still shaking? There may be a problem with the feet on the bottom of your machine or the drive socket. If you suspect this is the case, please contact customer service.

My Vitamix isn’t turning on

First, try resetting the outlet if your Vitamix is connected to a GFCI outlet. Didn’t do the trick? Check that the outlet is powered by plugging in another appliance. If the outlet has power and your machine still isn’t working, then please contact customer service.

Your Vitamix is leaking around the lid or base

Your Vitamix is designed to keep liquids in your container. If you notice leaking around the rim of your lid or the tamper hole, please check that everything is tightly secured. A persistent leak should be addressed with a call to customer service. On the flip side, leak around the base always requires a call to customer service. Although you may be tempted to tighten the screws or disassemble it to check on your own, the base assembly is precisely manufactured, and attempting to fix it on your own will void your warranty.

Your Vitamix is making a high-pitch screech

Please call customer service if your Vitamix is making a high-pitch screeching sound or other unusual noises.