Chapter 1: It Begins

William G. "Bill" Barnard, Jr.

William G. "Bill" Barnard, Jr., born in 1912, is the oldest son of Claire C. and William G. "Papa" Barnard. Bill worked alongside his father in the early years eventually taking over the family business in 1955. 

vitamix pillars

Vitamix Leadership Pillars

A set of displays featuring the company's past presidents and CEOs located in the front lobby of the Vitamix headquarters in Olmsted Township. 

Vitamix Headquarters

Vitamix headquarters, located in Olmsted Township, Ohio, proudly features the iconic vortex logo.

Original Barnard Homestead

Ruth and Bill Barnard purchased the original 10-acre property in 1942. The homestead started out as a 20 feet by 20 feet garage and was later converted and expanded over time as the family grew. This house remained the family's home until 1995. 

William G. "Papa" Barnard

William G. "Papa" Barnard, born in 1887, founded Barnard Sales Company latter known as Vita-Mix Corporation in 1921.

Performance that Inspires card, 2017

A handy reference card that contains the company's CORE. The CORE defines all that is important to the culture of Vitamix. This card is used as a tool to empower employees to make decisions within the company's cultural guardrails. Learn more 

Voice OwnersFest Event, 2017

Members of the Barnard family in attendance at the first OwnerFest event organized by the Vitamix Ownership Interest Council (VOICe) in 2017.