Chapter 5: Vitalize

265 Mile Health Walk Cleveland to Physical Culture Hotel, Danville, NY, 1938

In 1938, Ruth Barnard decided to participate in fitness guru Bernarr Macfadden’s 265-Mile Health Walk, originating in Cleveland. Papa went to see her off but ended up accompanying her on the hike.

mile health walk
mile run
mile run
mile run group photo
mile health run sign
health run group photo
long trail cleveland plain dealer

Natural Foods Institute

The first Natural Foods Institute Store and Health School was located at 807 St. Clair Ave., N.E., Cleveland, OH.

eat to live journal

The Soy Milk Baby, Eat To Live Journal of Health, July 1941

Appearing on an Eat to Live Journal of Health cover as “one of America’s most healthy babies” was John Barnard, Ruth and Bill Barnard’s second son and future company president. Starting at three weeks old, John had been given soy milk fortified with honey and small amounts of fruit and vegetable juices in lieu of formula or cow's milk. View Journal