Banana Protein Cookies [Food Processor Attachment]

A simple, clean snack to eat after working out. Some variations can be made and are noted below.


  • 3 (255 g) bananas, peeled
  • ¼ cup (65 g) Peanut Butter [Food Processor Attachment]
  • 1 ½ cups (160 g) rolled oats
  • ½ cup (50 g) vanilla whey protein powder
  • ½ cup (80 g) dark chocolate chips [or cocoa nibs]


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C). Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or a silicon baking sheet.
  2. Fit the Food Processor with the Multi-Use Blade.  Place bananas and peanut butter into the container and secure the lid.  Start the machine and process for 30 seconds.
  3. Add the oats and protein powder. Pulse 8-10 times to incorporate. Add the chocolate chips and pulse an additional 3-4 times.
  4. Scoop onto prepared sheet tray. Place in preheated oven and bake for 15 minutes Cool completely and enjoy.

Chef's Notes

  • Chocolate, vanilla or unflavored whey protein powder can be used in this recipe. This protein has 30g of protein per scoop, any variation from that may result in different baking times or consistencies.