Whole Food Chips [Food Processor Attachment]

Using any vegetables you like, the Vitamix Super-thin Slicing Disc has your slicing needs covered. Simply slice and dehydrate or bake to make a tasty and nutritious treat.


  • 1 pound (454 g) apples [or carrot, sweet potato, beets]


  1. Place the Fine Slicing Disc Blade into the Food Processor Work Bowl and secure the lid.
  2. Peel the vegetables or fruits (if desired) and cut in a way that they fit into the Large Food Chute appropriately. 
  3. With the Large Food Pusher in place, start the processor and gently push the ingredients through.
  4. Remove from the work bowl and lay out onto a dehydrator or sheet tray with space left around each slice. Dehydrate or dry in a 125°F-150°F (51°C-65°C) oven until chips are dry and crispy. This typically takes 6-8 hours in a non-convection oven.
  5. Once chips are dried to your liking, turn oven off and allow pans to sit in oven until completely cooled. Remove from trays and store in airtight containers.

Chef's Notes

  • Ovens vary in temperature and fan speed, so it's best to dry the chips slightly longer than you think they need to ensure there is no moisture left.