One hundred years ago, our founder, Papa Barnard, traveled the country selling modern kitchen products. When he was introduced to the blender, he saw its potential to improve the way every person eats. The Vitamix machine was born, and with it, the beginnings of a whole-food movement. We've been perfecting blending technology ever since, building extremely versatile, high-performance machines that are as amazing as the people who use them.



It's bigger than blending, chopping, grinding and juicing. Every day, people harness the power of Vitamix to do incredible things.

Has whole-food eating with Vitamix made a difference in your life? Share your experience with the hashtag #mywholestory.


Beyond 100 Ways

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Ready for your story to begin?

As we mark our company’s 100th year, we are passionately committed to making healthier lifestyles possible for more people, in more ways.

Celebrating 100 Years of New Beginnings

Our machines have evolved. Our Vitamix family has grown. But our passion for helping people lead healthier, more fulfilling lives remains the same.

Step Back in Time

Want to know more about how it all started? Discover how Vitamix created the world's most-powerful blending machines, sparked a whole-food movement and made an indelible mark on the way the world eats.

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A Healthier Tomorrow

Papa Barnard envisioned a world in which diet-driven illness does not exist. The Vitamix foundation is committed to making it happen through education and advocacy around plant-based whole foods.