Blender envy is real, and it’s more common than you think.

While many blenders are built for smoothies and shakes, others—like every Vitamix blender—can do so much more. A high-performance blender opens a world of possibilities in the kitchen. You can use it to accomplish tasks you never thought a blender could do: pulverize almonds, peanuts or cashews into a warm, creamy nut butter; easily blend thick, frozen ingredients for a cold sorbet or ice cream; make a steamy, hot soup using only the friction from its blades; grind almonds or whole wheat kernels to make flour; create homemade doughs and batters; prep a chunky salsa or creamy dip—or both—in minutes; whip up a non-dairy milk; or impress guests with expertly prepared craft cocktails and coffee drinks.

Try these nine recipes to get the most out of your Vitamix machine. Warning: they may cause blender envy.