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To enhance health and wellness through plant-based whole foods.


We collaborate and partner with others to further the knowledge, consumption, and enjoyment of plant-based whole foods.

What Are Plant-Based Whole Foods?

Plant-based whole foods include fruits, vegetables, tubers, beans, lentils, seeds, whole grains, and legumes in their whole, unrefined, or minimally refined form. This category does not include processed foods or animal products such as meats, poultry, fish, dairy, or eggs.

Our Focus



Research indicates that the food a mother consumes during pregnancy—even prior to conception—impacts both her health and the health of her baby. Additionally, the foods a baby consumes in utero could impact the child’s food preferences well into adulthood. Although a minimum of five daily fruits and vegetables is essential to the development of a healthy fetus, only about 25 percent of pregnant American women consume this amount.

We are committed to partnering with medical professionals and organizations to advance the knowledge, consumption, and enjoyment of plant-based whole foods for women of child-bearing age and pregnant women.

First 2,000 Days

First 2,000 Days

The importance of plant-based, whole-food nutrition does not end with labor and delivery; approximately 90 percent of brain development occurs by age 5, with appropriate nutrition playing a key role. The first 2,000 days of life—approximately 5½ years—is also a critical period for developing taste preferences and training taste buds to prefer plant-based whole foods.

On average, 90 percent of young children do not consume the USDA recommendation of daily vegetables, and nearly 99 percent do not consume the recommended amount of whole grains. Yet an astounding 99 percent of young children exceed the recommended amount of solid fats and added sugar.

For these reasons, the Vitamix Foundation is partnering with early learning programs and other organizations to engage parents, teachers, and children in laying the foundation for a healthy lifestyle through plant-based whole foods.



The Vitamix Foundation periodically contributes funding to support medical research that aims to assess the health impact of a plant-based lifestyle for a range of illnesses, including but not limited to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Grant Funding Philosophy and Policies

Consideration for grant funding is by invitation only. All grants must be aligned with our mission and focus areas. The Vitamix Foundation is unable to respond to unsolicited requests. The policy related to grants and indirect expenses is posted below.

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We actively seek collaboration and partnerships with other organizations that share our commitment to furthering the knowledge, consumption, and enjoyment of plant-based whole foods, specifically in the areas of Prenatal, First 2,000 Days, and Research.

If you feel your organization and its efforts align with our own and you have an innovative approach to share, or just want to explore thought partnering, please complete the form below. Please do not use this to seek funding. If there is a mutual interest, we will reach out to you for further information.

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