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The Vitamix® Perfect Blend™ smart scale & recipe app make your life in the kitchen easier. Step-by-step instructions walk you through every recipe, in real time, and automatic measuring means no measuring cups or spoons to clean up—and that’s just the beginning.

The Vitamix Perfect Blend™ Smart Scale

  • Keep your kitchen clutter-free by also using your smart scale as an all-purpose kitchen scale
  • Recreate your favorite blends with precise measurements every time
  • Track nutritional information for every ingredient and adjust serving amounts for easy portion control
  • Avoid dirty dishes—when connected to the app, the scale measures for you, so there’s no need for measuring cups

The Vitamix App

  • With over 500 recipes (and counting), you’ll never run out of inspiration
  • Make it your own with customizable recipes or add your own creations based on what's in your pantry
  • Sync the app with your favorite fitness tracker apps
  • Access a full range of automated blending programs for your Smart System blender. Smart System includes Ascent® or Venturist® Series blendersNew
Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale

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Vitamix Perfect Blend App

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Unlock your blender's full potential with 17 blending programs and 500+ recipes.

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