The moms in our lives are special all year round.  But on Mother’s Day, we get a chance to show them how deeply appreciated they truly are. If you’re searching for ways to make the nurturing women you love feel cherished, look no further.  We’ve compiled some great ideas for Mother’s Day pampering using Vitamix blenders and accessories.

1. Surprise her with breakfast. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a delicious, healthy breakfast prepared especially for them? For a scrumptious Mother’s Day morning meal, try pairing an energizing smoothie like our Frozen Kombucha Berry Smoothie with Vegan Whole Wheat Pancakes, or an antioxidant-rich Strawberry Apple Citrus Ginger Smoothie with Banana Walnut Breakfast Oats. Add a side of bright flowers for an extra special touch. 


2. Take her out for a picnic. A picnic is a fun way to enjoy the day as a family. Pack a Mother’s Day lunch and go on a hike, visit a museum, take in an outdoor concert, and, then, find a quiet spot for an on-the-go meal. Here are some great no-fuss-or-muss recipe ideas that are perfect for your day out. This is also a great way to spend quality time with your favorite extended family moms, like sisters, cousins, and in-laws.


3. Make a fun snack together. This is a great recipe for mom to make with kids of any age, and everyone can customize to their own liking:  Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bark

4. Give mom a spa day. Thank her for all her hard work with a relaxing evening. Create a spa-like atmosphere with a body scrub, like our Lavender Sea Salt Scrub, and present it to her in a Mason jar wrapped with a ribbon.  Nothing says “pampered” like silky smooth skin and the calming scent of lavender.  This is a great gift for aunts, mom friends, and mentors, too.

5. Gift mom a Vitamix. If mom doesn’t have one already, you can make this Mother’s Day extra special by surprising her with a new Vitamix. Or consider upgrading her to our new Vitamix Kitchen System. No matter how you choose to pamper mom this year, your efforts are what show her how much you care.

No matter how you choose to pamper your favorite mom this year, she’ll appreciate knowing just how much you care.