You’re not alone when it comes to sticking with your new healthy habits.  Let Vitamix simplify your life to conquer those goals.

The New Year is upon us once more. The time of year when everyone seems ready for a change. You may have big resolutions for the New Year, or perhaps you’re planning on simply adding in some new healthy habits. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you’re able to stick to your new routine. In order to succeed, make sure your goals are simple and achievable—bonus points if you can make them fun, too. That can be tricky, but luckily Vitamix can make it possible.

Do yourself a favor and read on while sipping on the Revitalizing Juice Blend/Citrus Juice Reset. It’s a great way to invigorate your body, kick-start your brain, and activate your motivation. Ready? Let’s dive into how to make these new healthy habits stick—and how your Vitamix can help you do it.

Eating healthier takes many forms. The most effective strategy is often adding healthy foods to your diet to replace less healthy ones. Plus, making your own food at home gives you the most control. You could start by trying versions of your favorite meals that sub in better-for-you ingredients. Try this dairy-free pesto over pasta that’s sure to please even the pickiest eaters. And don’t forget home-made healthy ice cream for dessert.

Next, start adding vegetables to foods you already eat—even smoothies! Veggies are low-cal and full of fiber. And since a Vitamix can pulverize even tough root vegetables like carrots and beets into smooth purées, you can add them to any meal. Try out this tasty Good Morning Green Smoothie, which packs a serious nutritional punch. With the natural sweetness of fruits, your taste buds won’t even notice the hidden veggies. With Vitamix’s versatility, the only limit is your own imagination. For example, try out these healthy veggie-centric twists to some favorite creations:

If healthy eating is on the menu this year, Vitamix can help. And the beauty is that you’ll be enjoying your foods like you never knew you could. Our high-performance blenders make easy work of robust whole foods, like fibrous vegetables and even legumes. Meet your New Year’s goals faster by making your own snack foods at home that the entire family will love.

If your goals feature a new workout routine, Vitamix can help you there, too. Prepare for exercise with one of these energizing smoothies. When you’re finished, use your Vitamix to whip up a great post-workout smoothie. The additional protein will help your body lock in the results from your workout.

Have you fallen off your healthy habits wagon in the past because you just didn’t have enough time? Let your Vitamix help you jump back on track. With its high-speed blades, the Vitamix makes quick work of whole foods to transform them into an entire meal. Test out this ridiculously fast soup recipe for lunch or dinner.

To save yourself even more time, try meal-prepping—or even just pre-prep your smoothie the night before. Here’s how that could look: Take some time in the evening or a weekend to make extra-large batches of your favorite meals to eat for the week ahead. Portion them out in containers so that you know exactly how many servings you have on hand. This way, you reduce the time in the kitchen every week. You can also do this for your morning smoothie. Portion out your smoothie ingredients into freezer bags, mason jars, or reusable zipper bags and store either in the fridge or freezer. In the morning, simply pop them in the Vitamix with some liquid and blend up a fresh healthy breakfast—fast. Here are some great recipes to get you started.

So whether you’re making big changes or small, there are many steps you can take to be healthier this year. With a versatile and powerful blender at your side, it will pave the way for healthy habits to take hold. Start the New Year off right, and let your Vitamix help you be your best.